As China's economy improved, China's automobile industry achieved unprecedented development and vehicle energy saving and emission reduction have become the subject of concern。 Lightweight automobile as a measure of energy saving and emission reduction has become an option shared by more and more people。 Lightweight plastic auto parts will increasingly replace bulky metal parts has become a trend。。。 MORE
The medium particle size (D50) of products made by GGCPM ranging from 0.8 micron to 10 micron, satisfying different application of customers. GGCPM offers some of the highest purity, high-aspect-ratio talc available worldwide, and also produces densified talc powder products...


Guiguang Cimbar has a very broad line of high-brightness talc products ideal for a wide range of markets and applications。 Polypropylene, polyethylene, thermoplastic polyolefins and many other polymers are enhanced when filled with our talc products。

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